The Impressionist Garden

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens shows us to use their tricks to create an “Impressionist Garden.”

The great French Impressionists – painters such as Monet, Renoir, Pissaro, their immediate successors Cezanne and Van Gogh, and American Impressionists such as Frieseke and Hassam not only revolutionized the art of painting, they also introduced innovative ways of looking at gardens. The artists used plants as they used paints: to manipulate color effects and to introduce new color schemes – by using hues that intensified by contrast with one another, or that blended and harmonized with each other; they created shimmering sensation by choosing plants with foamy or lacy white flowers; and took color and interest to the edges of their vision by using trees, tall plants and climbers on supports.

A garden collection of pink, mauve, blue and white colors makes a shimmering sensation. Blue, lavender, cool mauve and pink are restful colors in the garden. Cool colors tend to be recessive, especially when used with touches of white; they can make a confined space seem larger. Cottage garden annual and perennial favorites along with roses and vines are used together in the garden. Beautiful as a painting!

These five flowers are key to creating the look you want. They are also part of Darin’s Top 20 flowers.

‘Guardian Lavender’ Delphinium

‘Angelface Blue’ and Angelface Pink’ Angelonia

This is the first Angelonia series with large flowers and a compact habit. With their thick spikes of large, tightly clustered flowers and upright stems, the brilliantly hued Angelface varieties provide artistry in the garden. Unfazed by heat and humidity. Favorite garden cut flower everywhere.

Soprano Purple Osteospermum

The power of pure purple in a sturdy, heat-tolerant beauty.

‘Opal Innocence’ and ‘Blue Bird’ Nemesia

Opal Innocence appears to change from iridescent pink to light purple depending on how the light hits it. This beauty creates mounds of color and has exceptional heat tolerance. Pleasant fragrance. Blue Bird has intense blue flowers with a yellow white center. Very uniformed, bushy, upright habit. Flowering begins early and lasts the entire season.

Suberbena Pink Shades

Super large flowers, strong growth, and mildew resistance are Superbena’s specialties. This tremendously improved Verbena is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

For more information, you can contact Darin at Engh Gardens in Sandy or through their website,

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