The In’s and Out’s of Kindergarten Prep

Teacher Joani Bell joins us in studio with some tips for you and your first time student as we begin to countdown to Kindergarten!

What are some common concerns parents have when sending their child for the first time?

-My child cannot read yet

My child cannot name all his/her letter and sounds yet

How will my child survive without his mother?

Will my child make friends and be accepted?

What are some signs my child is not ready for Kindergarten academically/socially etc?

-Developmental issues such as difficulty sitting still for five minutes
-Has no letter/sound  concepts
-Extremely emotional
-Cannot answer simple comprehension questions
-Cannot stick to one subject in a conversation

What are some key social/ academic aspects that your child “should” know before entering kindergarten?
Social: -Sharing, taking turns, being happy for others who win, letting go of their mother, ability to be the boss and let others as well.
Academic: A sense of books and reading- directionality of words and page set up ( left to right ect), number sense to ten, letter and sound recognition, following directions and story comprehension.

What Can Parents Do To Ease The Transition?

-Preschool Experience
-Talk about what to expect with your child, how to meet friends and share at least a few weeks in advance.
-Read every night and talk about the structure of books (words, letters, spaces etc.)
-Practice neat formation of letters in name/ name writing
-Get in the habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time each morning

For some moms, separation is the hardest for them. What can moms do to prepare themselves for this new phase?

-Acknowledge that it is natural for our kids to grow up and “step away.”
-Children need a healthy balance of parents and other social experiences with friends.
– Remember that home can be the safe refuge from harder aspects of life but it does not need to be the only place
-Take on new projects or hobbies while your child is in school
-Ask many open -ended questions to your child to show interest and concern about their day

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