The Metabolic Method: Stress and Weight Gain

Dr. Talbott comes to Studio 5 with important information on how to recognize stress in your life and, more imprtantly, what to do about it.

How many people have tried to diet and exercise, yet still fail to lose weight. Millions and millions. It’s not just about eating less and exercising more, though they certainly are important. But other factors — our hormones and our stress levels, especially — are primary contributors as well.

Based on years of his own and other scientists’ research on weight maintenance, stress and other metabolic factors, Dr. Talbott realized that the focus was too narrow on controlling cortisol in the blood and ignoring cortisol levels inside fat cells. By naturally controlling the activity of the fat-storing HSD enzyme within fat cells, cortisol could be controlled both inside and outside fat cells and thus remove a patent fat-storing signal.

The Metabolic Method explains how stressed-out people eat more, choose more unhealthful foods, and take on more belly fat (with a higher risk of diabetes). Stressed-out people also exercise less, have trouble sleeping, experience a higher risk of heart attack and depression and are simply more physically and mentally tired than people within the “normal” range of stress levels.

In addition to achieving lasting, effective fat loss, The Metabolic Method program appears to have several side benefits. Because the program helps encourage the normalization of various metabolic processess (such as hormone balance) participants have reported improvement in the following areas:



Immune Function

Syndrome X


Digestive Problems

Arthritis/Joint Pain

Sex Drive

The Metabolic Method program consists of 5 key elements:

– Stress management: Key benefit of controlling stress is lowering cortisol levels both in the blood and within fat cells (HSD enzyme) and normalizing testosterone levels (in both men and women)

– Exercise: Extensive – yet easy to understand and follow – guidelines on which types of exercise are most beneficial for stress control and weight loss

– Nutrition: Using the truly helpful “Helping Hand” approach simplifies dietary choices

– Supplements: An entire chapter devoted to analysis of supplements for stress adaptation, cortisol control and general support

– Evaluation: The book provides a “Type C Test”, which helps you evaluate where your stress levels are on a regular basis and thereby establish healthy patterns to control stress, lose weight, improve mood and increase energy.

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