The Middle-Age Man Makeover: Simple Steps to Spruce Up Your Man

We hooked him up with Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone. Our cameras followed along as Rod and Holly took on an adventure we’re calling: “The Mid-Age Makeover.” Watch Rod’s transformation and learn from Holly’s simple steps for sprucing up your man.

TIP #1: It’s ALL in the approach

Suggesting style or appearance maintenance to your man requires the ability to select outfits or routines which reflect his personality. If you want to encourage your man to push his boundaries and to “own” an updated look, you have to incorporate style elements which keep him authentic to who he is and confident with what he is wearing. He needs to trust that you are not trying to change him, not trying to add to his to do list, and not trying to impose your style on him. If your man feels gently guided to manage his appearance, he will be more open to working with you.

Once a man owns a new or updated look, with SUBTLE encouragement, little by little he will become more conscious of his appearance and will do his best to maintain his style while possibly pushing boundaries on his own.

Tip #2: Suggest Color

If his favorite color is blue and everything he owns is blue, suggest adding complementary colors: chocolate, charcoal, orange, nutmeg, steel lavender. Colors should reflect his personal coloring (hair color, eye color, skin tone). By providing him slight variations in color, you have set him on a new pathway of thinking and he will eventually stray from the style rut of selecting the same color over and over.

Tip #3: Take Time to Find the Fit

By finding clothes that truly fit his body type, your man can visually shave up to 10 pounds off his frame. By wearing baggy clothes, he will look heavier and sloppy. Clothing that is too tight may reveal excess weight or a less-than-toned physique. Taking the time to find shirts, pants and jackets that fit his body just right will render huge payoff in his comfort and confidence.

Tip #4: Great Skin Starts with the Perfect Shave

Most men wash their faces with bar soap in the shower and shave with a razor and shaving cream. These 2 actions leave skin sensitive and dry. For healthier skin supply your man with:

1. A facial scrub.

Holly’s Product Pick: Neutrogena Razor Defense Facial Scrub

2. A hydrating shaving gel/foam.

Holly’s Product Pick: Neutrogena Skin Clearing Shaving Cream

3. A moisturizer with SPF

Holly’s Product Pick: Neutrogena Age Fighter Face Moisturizer SPF 15

Before he shaves, squirt some facial scrub in his hands and have him gently rub it all over his face and then splash it off with lukewarm water. Next, let him shave. Finally, have him apply an ample amount of moisturizer all over his face. You can even put the scrub in the shower for him to use effortlessly. His shave will be so smooth and his skin will feel so great and that he will want to do it again the next morning.

Tip #5: Invest in a Good Haircut

Hair style is one accessory your man will wear every day. Because of this, it is worth a good cut. Find a hairstylist who can make the best recommendation based on what is flattering and fits into his lifestyle. Make sure your man has the right styling products for his need.

• Wax-firm hold

Holly’s Product Pick: Got 2 B Hair spiking glue

• Gel-moderate hold

Holly’s Product Pick: Axe Shaggy Look

• Pomade-no hold, adds shine

Holly’s Product Pick: Marekesh Oil

• Mousse-adds volume

Holly’s Product Pick: TriDesign Fashion Styling Mousse

Here are a few must-follow fashion rules for men.

The RIGHT Answers

• A tie’s stripes should always be bolder than a shirt’s

• White socks are for athletic shoes only

• Socks should be coordinated with pant color (exact match not necessary)

• Belts should match shoes

• Flat-front pants are the better option over pleated pants. They work on ANY man’s body type and are more slenderizing