The Perfect Caring Place

Accidents can happen and when they do it’s comforting to know that there are people that are there to help. Saundra Buckley from Country Life Care Center says there is a perfect middle ground between a hospital and at overwhelming at home care.

Country Life Care Center is a first of its kind having been designed specifically for the care of people that are recovering or require long term care and rehabilitation from a major illness or injury.

CLCC provides an early transition from acute hospital care to rehabilitation and long term care. This provides individuals with very specific care planning for the unique need of survivors of catastrophic injury or illness. That can lead to faster recoveries and reducing the cost impact of acute care.

CLCC also represents a first for Utah in the care of design to reduce the harsh impact of the typical institutional feel of a health care facility. The facility meets all of the required codes for construction however, where ever possible the architects for this project along with the city and state planners worked together to achieve a safe and inviting care environment. Many times utilizing alternative structural designs and materials to achieve the goals of comfort and safety in a more homelike environment.

The back ground of the developer operators of the facility include more than 20 years of caring for people recovering from these types of severely disabling conditions. The staff includes physicians from Primary Children’s Hosp. for the infant, child and young adult age ranges. Local physicians from the Riverton area for the adult age range people we care for. CLCC will provide care by registered nurses and respiratory therapists with backgrounds in critical care services. We have Physical Occupational and Speech therapists with backgrounds in the rehabilitation of people recovering from various forms of severe accidents such as traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. These therapists will additionally be experienced in the care of children with a variety of developmental disabling conditions.

The care environment is “Themed” to a country design as this is more comforting than the usual decor of health care and not so formal as say a luxury hotel. The center is just inviting from the time an individual enters the building. It seems no matter how many times you walk the hallways or see the murals you just find something new that keeps it interesting. All the rooms for the people we care for are private. This is real aid in helping families feel comfortable with a loved one in a long term care environment. This room becomes their space not unlike being at home. A family can gather in the room, at the open space in front of the nurse’s station or in the sun-room attached to each unit. All the time being in close proximity of the care personnel monitoring them. Other technologies are incorporated into the facility that aid in the close monitoring of equipment used in care such as ventilators, oxygen monitors and IV pumps. Bathing and transfer equipment is also state of the art and promote the comfort and safety of the ones we care for as well as the staff.

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