The Pregnancy Mask

Dr. Steve Jepson, with The Spa at the Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic, explains how a new laser procedure is working magic.


New Effective Treatment for Pregnancy Mask

In my practice, we treat all kinds of facial skin problems, but one of the most difficult to treat has always been melasma – otherwise known as “pregnancy mask”. Difficult, that is, until now. I introduced Studio 5 viewers to our new state-of-the-art laser called
Active FX back in October. We have now treated well over one hundred patients with this laser and have seen amazing results. I have especially been excited to see how well it is treating pregnancy mask.

Melasma is a brownish pigmentation that affects adult women. It often develops during pregnancy – hence the name “pregnancy mask”. Some women only have a few small brown spots here and there, but many have big patches of brown pigment that cover entire cheeks or foreheads or around the mouth. It can often be difficult to completely cover with makeup, and many women have spent a fortune on lightening creams and various laser therapies trying to get rid of it. It actually is caused by sun and UV radiation exposure (including tanning beds), but hormonal factors play a role as well, since it often comes on during pregnancy, while on birth control pills, or while on hormone replacement therapy. Certain unknown genetic factors will also predispose certain women to get it.

The best method of treatment is prevention. Starting at a young age with daily sun block, avoiding intense sun exposure, and avoiding tanning beds can prevent younger women and teenagers from developing this condition in their middle adult years. In women that have melasma already, sun protection can keep it from worsening, and this means daily sun block year round.

Lightening creams are a very popular form of treatment but not effective for many and usually will only lighten the melasma some. Hydroquinone is the most effective topical lightening agent and can be found in low doses over the counter or at higher more effective doses with a prescription.

Laser therapy has had mixed results over the years. Traditionally, lasers work best at clearing mild – moderate superficial sun damage. Patients with true melasma have been much more difficult to treat and often require many many treatments to get optimal lightening. This is because much of the melasma pigment lies deep in the skin beyond the reach of conventional lasers. However, Active FX is different than conventional cosmetic lasers. It is designed to reach into the deep layers of skin and work its magic – aggressive stimulation of collagen for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, as well as deep destruction of unwanted pigment such as melasma and other forms of sun damage. And its state-of- the-art design allows this to happen with a reasonable amount of downtime (usually only about 5 days of redness.


If you are a woman suffering from melasma/pregnancy mask, we now have the tools to really help you. And we are currently offering 20% off this procedure for Studio 5 viewers. Call our office for a free consultation (801) 281-0022.

Or join us Tuesday, February 19th at our clinic for A Night of Renewal starting at 7:00 p.m. I will be giving a more detailed presentation on Active FX as well as other non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Plus we will be offering discounted spa services tonight only such as $10 Spray Tans and $15 Eyebrow Design. And we will be having drawings for free Botox, free Restylane, and free LipoDissolve!

Dr. Steven P Jepson M.D.

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