The Pro’s Go-To Plants

Planting a garden always feels like a bit of a gamble. We’re taking the
guesswork out of it!

Jerry Goodspeed with Ogden Botanical Garden rolls out the list of go-to
plants every professional gardener reaches for, in order to guarantee a
lush, beautiful and blooming yard.

Redtwig Dogwood (shrub): A native and easy to grow in any soil.
It has a blossom in the spring, good foliage (especially the variegated form)
for the summer, great fall color, and nice red twigs for the winter.

Ninebark (shrub): another native that adapts to almost any
location. It has a nice weeping form. It again blooms in the spring, has
purple varieties for good summer color, also has great fall color, and
interesting bark for the winter.

Sundancer daisy (perennial): Small clumping plant that will send
up yellow flowers all summer long. About 12 inches tall and no need to

Gaillardia (perennial): new varieties of red and yellow again
bloom all summer long. Can be grown about anywhere.

Gaura (perennial): Starts to bloom in June and will bloom all
summer long. Also called whirling butterflies because of the cool white
and pink flowers. A tall perennial that can get 2 to 3 feet and normally
used as a backdrop plant.

Geranium (annual): I just like the different colors of bloom and
foliage. Again, can be grown about anywhere and can withstand a light

Creeping zinnia (annual): Yellows and oranges. They are a low
growing (ground cover) annual that spreads up to 2 feet in the summer.
Get about 4 to 6 inches tall and are covered with blossoms all summer.

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