The Room Mothers Halloween Party

We have learned from many Studio 5 entertaining experts, it’s what you DO at the party that makes it great. Especially, when it comes to hosting a large group of excited children.

Studio 5 contributor Cari Stevenson shares proven solutions for the room mothers Halloween party.

Cari’s Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Memory Games

Click here and here for memory game printables.

Witch Fingers

Put on witch fingers and see how many candy corns you can pick up and place in a bowl in a minute.

Skeleton Bones Shooters

Take Q-tips and blow them through a straw into a cauldron.

Poison Apples (caramel apples)

Dip caramel apples.

Touch and Feel

Take packing boxes, cover in black paper, cut perforated holes in the top to slide your hand through, write in chalk on the front. This is different boxes where you will put you hand in to feel things, like a brain (cauliflower), a heart (whole tomatoes).

Spider Toss

Throw spider rings into the a spider web. Trying to get closest to the big spider in the middle.

Scary Story Mad Libs

Create a progressive scary story. Each group/person will add a page to the story, as groups rotate. When the story is completed the teacher can read the final product aloud in class.

Skeleton Makeover (new take on a photo booth)

Dress the skeleton in different costumes and then have your picture taken with it.

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