The Teen Scene: Throwing a “Cool” Teen Party

Josie Archibald is a party host with “The Peak.” She shares five tips for throwing a “cool” teen party.

The Waiting Game

Not everyone shows up on time or at the same time so don’t just “wait.” Use this time to get the kids interacting, playing, and getting to know one another. This should not be hard or complicated. Keep it simple. Introduce the game, perhaps show them how it works and then walk away. DON’T HOOVER.

Ice Breakers
The kids might or might not know each other, but either way there needs to be a game that gets them all out of their comfort zone at the same time so they are not worried about being embarrassed. If it is a boy/girl party this is the perfect place to mix things up and cross the gender lines so everyone is involved.

How to Compete

One sure fire way to get the kids involved is to make it a competition…. for anything! It can be bragging rights, prizes, or who gets to eat first. This is a really good way to get guys involved in games, they can’t have a girl beat them. Always do the best out of 5 or 7 and use different games for the competition. Also, do a trial run on each game to ensure they understand the rules.

Where’s the Food?

Kids LOVE to eat and not just any food, but REAL FOOD. Punch and cookies does not cut it. They want pizza, sandwiches, chips, salsa, popcorn etc… They have sophisticated taste and need variety, but they want it to grab and go so don’t plan a sit down meal. Have plenty of food even if you child says not to worry about it. You will worry about it about 20 minutes into the party when they get hungry!

Ideas: Pizza, Sandwiches, Chips, Candy

Mom… Don’t stress!

Do not over-plan or over-participate. The teens will let you know when you are needed, and also when they would rather have you in the background. Don’t plan an elaborate party and get frustrated when they don’t appreciate it. Provide the tools, the knowledge, the food, and leave the rest up to them.

To Avoid: Don’t try and impress the kids. The party is not about you and doesn’t reflect directly upon you so don’t try too hard.

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