Thermwise Fall Fixes: Preparing Homes for Winter

Therm, Questar Gas energy-wise guy, joins Studio 5 to discuss how Utahns can winterize their homes with a few “fall fixes” to make sure their home heating systems are ready to operate SAFELY and efficiently this winter.


1. Apply Weather Stripping/Caulking: Used to put around windows and doors, weather stripping and caulking keeps the cold air out during the winter months. Weather stripping will not only seal out cold air, but can even prevent water (that cold weather often brings) from penetrating inside.

2. Insulate Water Heaters*: Putting an insulation blanket around your hot water heater will keep the heat from escaping the water tank during the cold winter months. Your hot water pump won’t have to work so hard at keeping the water warm with assistance from an insulation blanket, ultimately saving you money on heating costs.

*Have a Questar Gas heating contractor show you how to properly attach an insulation blanket to your water heater to ensure safety and efficiency.

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat: Many programmable thermostat models feature indicators that let you know when it’s time to change your system’s filter or if your system is malfunctioning. Your furnace won’t have to work as hard while you’re asleep or at work and you’ll cut your energy costs.

4. Replace your Furnace Filter: Changing the furnace filter regularly will help keep clean air flowing throughout your home. If the filter becomes dirty or clogged, it will restrict airflow and cause the furnace to stay on longer – using more fuel. It’s only a couple of bucks, and can make a big difference in furnace efficiency.

5. Have your Home Inspected by a Licensed Heating Contractor: A periodic home-energy audit by a heating professional will ensure safe, efficient operation of your heating utilities. Making suggested energy-efficient improvements to your home can significantly cut your energy costs each month.

You can also have an energy professional visit your home for what would amount to a free energy audit. Although there is a nominal fee upfront, you receive that fee back as you implement the energy saving tips. This is part of the Home-Energy Audit Program.

Home-Energy Audit Program:

1. Call 1-800-695-7375 to schedule a home-energy    audit and for only $25 a Questar Gas technician will    visit your home and give you energy-efficient    recommendations.

2. Visit or call 1-801-324-5331    and get an audit you can fill out at home.

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