These Cute Pumpkins are Made From Upcycled Mason Jar Rings

If you can appreciate a good upcycle, this project is just for you. Cute pumpkins that will last you from now until the end of November.

Sue Neal shares how you can turn mason jar rings into fall decor for your home.

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Grab that bag of loose Mason Jar rings you have hiding in a cupboard and make something beautiful for your Fall home decor. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive and it’s fun.

All you’ll need is 24 Mason Jar Rings and Jute to create your pumpkin. Raid your craft stash, or anywhere else in your home for the added details to make your pumpkin a one-of-a-kind creation. Create one or several to and assemble into a beautiful table centerpiece with pedestals.


Alter jar rings, if you wish (see below for ideas)

Thread 24 jar rings onto a long piece of Jute. It’s a little easier to handle if you use a long dowel or wrapping paper tube to slip all my rings onto.

Tie jute into a knot snugly, making sure the rings are all overlapping each other in the same direction.

Decorate center of pumpkin as you wish (see below).

Altering Jar Rings:

The easiest & fastest way to do this is with Washi Tape. 1/2″ washi tape will fit perfectly on the side of the rings. If yours is a bit wider, you can roll it under or cut it to size.

Painting is also easy, but you have to let the paint dry before you assemble. Spray paint is faster than hand brushing paint on, but you have to apply several coats to get an opaque color.

Once you have painted your rings, you can sand off some paint for a farm house shabby look (see Sunflower Pumpkin).

Decorating Centers of pumpkins:

It felt a bit like a treasure hunt finding centers for all my pumpkins.

I found a thicker candle that fit perfectly in the center of my gold washi tape pumpkin, then purchased some gold glitter curly stems at Michaels to surround it.

For the black pumpkin, I cut a paper towel ring down to size, then cut along it’s length. I spray painted it black, curled it into itself a bit so it would fit in the center of the pumpkin. Before I tucked it in, I laid some black tulle in the center so it was pushed down. Lastly, I tucked some black crinkle paper around the stem.

For my Orange pumpkin I rolled up some burlap into a stem. I tucked a Bay leaf and a leaf I cut from a fall floral arrangement (it won’t be missed) around it. Lastly, I found some more curly stems at Michaels that were so perfect to tuck in next to the stem. I created a few sentiments on paper, cut out and curled with my finger, then tucked in to the center.

I bundled some cinnamon sticks for the center of my cream pumpkin, stole another leaf and some berries and added more of the curly stems.

For my Farm House Sunflower Pumpkin, I stole a sunflower from my door wreath (again, didn’t even miss it), as well as thick branch I found outside in my wood pile.


Look around your home to find unexpected ways to display your jar ring pumpkins. If you’re making several pumpkins, use different heights to create a visually interesting effect.

I used several candle stick holders, small plates and cake pedestals to showcase each pumpkin.
I surrounded the orange pumpkin with a small berry garland I had in my stash.

Lastly, I had some twinkle lights from Christmas that I tucked into the center of the large black pumpkin and put on the outside of the smaller Gold pumpkin.

Mason Jar Rings Garland:

One more additional idea. I had a natural garland that needed something extra, so I die-cut some letters to spell AUTUMN and glued them onto paper on the back of each jar ring that I had spray painted cream. I tied them on to the garland with jute.

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