Things we Lose

Donna Harper, a professional organizer with Clear and Simple, shares some
clever solutions to help you keep tabs on everyday items.

SEE IT: Do you ever ask yourself or others these questions:

o Where are my keys?

o Has anyone seen the remote?

o I can’t find that important information I wrote on a post it note!

o Has anyone seen my (fill in the blank)?

MAP IT: Make A Plan to stop losing these everyday but important items. Check out these simple but amazing tools!


o Ask yourself which of these items are frequently lost or misplaced and the link to the solution is provided:

• Keys: Wireless Key Finder

• Memos, phone numbers, appointments: Boogie Board, LCD paperless writing tablet

• The grocery list you thought you put on the counter, or maybe the desk: Smart Shopper grocery list organizer

• Forget to charge my phone, camera, or any mobile device: Car charger for Any mobile device

• My alarm didn’t go off because of a power outage or someone unplugged my clock: Self Setting Clock

• Remote Control: Remote Control Finder

• Earphones: Pocquettes earphone holders

• Sunglasses: Use stylish cords or chains. Use Visor Clips for in the car: Visit your local Lenscrafters Store.

• Important papers, coupons, ads: Mesh pouches

• Misplaced or stolen laptop: LoJack for Laptops

• Everything: keys, sunglasses, cell phone, mail: Doorganizer

We can Simplify our homes, offices and lives by giving everything a specific home to put our “stuff” away and a way to find them when we don’t.

For detailed information on Marla Dee’s Clear & SIMPLE™ Systems of See It. Map It. Do It.© and S.T.A.C.K.S.©, go to These systems will transform your organizing experience from stressful and overwhelming to fun, simple and freeing!

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