Get rid of the clamp curler! This tool is the new way to curl your lashes

We all probably have a clamp lash curler. They can be a little touchy, and we know some women have even cut off their lashes with them. This tool is a better way to get curled eyelashes.

Melissa Sly, with Slylash, shares how this new product can give you better results without the risk.

For more information, visit Use code ‘STUDIO5’ for 30% off.


  • I’m trying to order the sly lash eyelash curler and at checkout there is no where to place the code Studio 5 for today’s discount at 30% off. Where do I enter the studio V code to apply the discount?

    • Hi Tamara! We would recommend reaching out to Sly Lash directly. They have a messaging option in the bottom right corner of the site. Hope this helps!