Three Quick and Easy Updos

Sick of the plain ponytail and boring bun? Hair stylist Michelle Romer demonstrates three easy ways to tie your hair back in a hurry.

Twist Ponytail:
Part the hair down the middle and pin one side over. The first thing you want to do is decide how tight you want to twist, you can twist it tight for a clean and finished look or you can twist it loose for that more whimsical soft look. Start by twisting from the ear down and grabbing hair into your twist as you go. This is also an easy thing to do if you want to leave some hair out and wear the under hair down. It’s all up to you. When you have twisted the hair on the first side you want to put into an elastic or ponytail holder. Now start on the second side and when you get to the place they connect grab them together and secure them to each other with another pony. You can leave it a little loose and put the left over hair hanging down inside its self to do it into an inside out ponytail or just leave them down together.

Messy Ponytail:
This one is fun to do especially if you have lots of layers. You want to start out with your ponytail holder on your hand by grabbing the hair thru the pony and twisting it over and over the same way you would always put a ponytail in, the key is at the last twist you need to pull the hair only half way thru the band and make a loop with the hair around itself. The fun part of this one is you can tuck the pieces of hair and use hair pins all thru the sections or you can even use the end of a comb and pull out a few long ones.

Sock Bun:
The sock bun is named because its exactly that…a sock! Take an old mismatched sock that we all have and hate laying around and ladies they come in all shapes and sizes it is completely up to you. Cut the toe end of the sock off and wrap it starting at the top end to look like a donut. Even in your little girls hair you can use a baby sock and they are so cute! Once your donut is made set it aside and put your hair into a ponytail where ever you want the bun to be. Top, side, even at the nape of the neck is cute. Take the end of the ponytail and pull the hair thru the donut hole. Start out at the end of the pony and keep wrapping the hair around the donut as you work it to the base of the ponytail. Don’t worry if it doesn’t cover the sock on the way down once you get in and at your head, you can move the hair around it and keep twisting it till it is covered and feels tight. Most important…remember bobby pins are a girl’s best friend and you can find any color at your local beauty supply.

Michelle Romer is the owner of Wicked Styles Salon in Layton, Utah.

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