hocus pocus costumes

Thrifted Hocus Pocus Costumes: 3 keys to thrifting for Halloween pieces

These Hocus Pocus costumes were put together piece by piece.

Sure to get a laugh, the Hocus Pocus witches are an irresistible costume idea since the movie sequel was released earlier this month. When those costumes are thrifted, closet-shopped, hacked, and upcycled, we want to know HOW it was done.

We brought in costume enthusiast Lauren Gardner to see how she pulled of thrifted Hocus Pocus costumes this year.

Lauren can be found on most social media under the username @hellowhimzy or at www.hellowhimzy.com.


Lauren Elizabeth of Hello Whimzy has done many magical things in her life from running a princess party business to swimming as a mermaid at a local aquarium. But her favorite thing to do is teach you how to style normal clothes to look like beloved characters in a practice called Disneybounding. Whether your style is Cottage-Core or simply jeans and a tee shirt, you, too, can add a little “Whimzy to your Wardrobe.”

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