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Tight on Time: The Body Blast

Danette Allen, owner of Action Personal Training, explains The Body Blast Workout.

The #1 reason people do not succeed on a weight loss or health program is due to inconsistency in their program. So when it comes to an exercise plan, it is so important to find time at least 3-4 times a week

When you know you are going to have a busy day (traveling, visitors, or back to back appointments) you can “blast” your workout into 10 minutes.

Working out 5 times a week for 10 min. is more beneficial than working out 1 time for an hour. Consistency counts!

When we absolutely can’t get in 30 min. of cardio, we know we can at least get in 10 minutes and not fall off the wagon of good intentions.

On those really busy days, just get up 10 min. earlier. I promise it won’t make you more tired. It will actually give you more physical and mental energy and you will accomplish more during the day.

The Body Blast Workout:

Pick two muscle groups that you feel need a little extra attention. For example : glutes/abdominals, back/chest, or legs/arms

1. Start with blasting your heart rate and metabolism by doing 2 min. of high powered jumps. Ex. Jumping Jack, Lunges, Blurpies

2. Do one set of Abdominals and one set of glutes (make it burn!).

3. 2 more minutes of high powered cardio.

4. Second set of abdominals and glutes.

5. If you have time—2 more minutes of jumps, kicks, lunges.

Danette Allen is the owner of Action Personal Training in Salt Lake City. She has been a dietician and fitness professional for the past 11 years. Danette has a huge passion for health and speaks to local and national groups about ways to feel your best. For more information about her personal training services or fitness retreats, visit or contact her at

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