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Tile Trends: 5 new ways designers are using these ceramic slabs…

First it was subway tile. Then, it was flipping that subway tile on its end to lay vertically. Now…what’s next in tile trends?

Joseph Ward shares where things are headed in the design world when it comes to tile.

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New Tile Trends to Use in Your Home

A tile job is always doable. And, it adds interest to any space, whether that be a back splash, or a shower. Tile trends continue to shift, so here are some to keep your eye on.

Subway Tile Laid Like Shingles

This trend has subway tiles stacked vertically and staggered, like shingles! Stacking the tiles this way makes the room feel longer. And, it takes the feel from contemporary to a more transitional decor style.

Tile That Replaces Wallpaper

If you have a big wall that could benefit from some wallpaper, maybe go for patterned tile instead! It adds interest to a space, and allows you to put it where wallpaper might fail (like the shower…) Bonus: it wears well, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it.

Wood Tile

Use this right and it will have a really cool effect. As with the wallpaper tile, you can put it places where actual wood just wouldn’t make sense. In a shower, where real wood would get damaged, wood tile can be great. It brings in a warmth that a lot of people like, and makes sense for more rustic decor styles.

Strong Patterned Tiles

Take the pattern to the floor. When done right, this tile style can have a really big impact. It’s a great way to introduce color and interest in an otherwise simple space.

Wow Tiles

We’re talking 3D here. They have texture, but with color they’re pretty simple, either white or gray. Lighting is key here. Play with light and shadows on a wall for a ‘wow’ effect!

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