organize the garage

Time to organize the garage? 6 pieces of advice for creating a tidy space

Organize the garage to make this catchall space more functional!

If the garage is stuffed full, and no car in sight – you’re not alone. This utility space can easily become a catchall for household stuff.

Organizer Jennifer Martin fixed it all with a before and after garage overhaul.

Find more organizing advice from Jennifer at, or on Instagram, @reset_your_nest. You can see the Peterson family’s full story on the Reset Your Nest channel on YouTube.


6 Tips to Help You Organize the Garage

  • The garage is the last part of your home you see when you leave your home and the first thing you see when you come back. Make it a space that brings joy… not stress
  • Get help. Turn to kids, neighbors, friends or professional organizers like Reset Your Nest. A garage overhaul is a huge investment in time. Don’t try it alone.
  • Plan ahead. Identify pain points, decide what you want your garage to look like and what the primary functions will be, purchase appropriate shelving and containers, hooks, tool chests, etc.
  • Matching bins make a difference. Use open bins for things accessed more and closed bins for storage items.
  • Use that wall space. Go for slat walls, hooks, shelves.
  • Get the whole family on board and label.

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