Time Saving Tips for Mom’s

Professional Organizer Karen Lindsay offers some time-saving tips for the time-starved mom.

1) If you feel that you can’t get everything checked off your to do list:

To feel a sense of success focus on one project that won’t have to be done again soon. Fixing dinner or changing the baby’s diaper doesn’t count. Chose a project that will stay done…

As Organizers we teach people to build systems that will help them stay organized.

Keeping Track of your Keys: People are delighted to learn systems help save the time previously spent looking for misplaced keys:
a. Create a place to put your keys (more than one set) when your come home

• Adhesive backed hooks will let you hang near the door so you always know where they are. Hang them out of view, inside cupboard or closet.
b. Have extra sets of keys made by a Professional Locksmith shop. They can even make extra electronic keys for most cars (call and ask). A few minutes and a few dollars spent will save tons of time and frustration.

• Put away one set of keys for emergency use (file drawer)

• Leave one set with family or trusted friend (they can let you into your home or car—saving you frustration and a locksmith fee)

• An extra key in wallet will often save you from being locked out

• Hide a key (some choose to wire a key underneath car or hide house key)

2) Dealing with Distractions—if you feel like you can’t ever get your projects done

a. Set a time period to achieve one goal. Choose to work on organizing just one room of your home this season. Then divide the project into manageable chunks—one drawer this week…

b. Enroll others to help—friends, family, or even a Professional Organizer. My Clients often comment on how much easier it is to focus, and how much more productive it is to work alongside someone else.

3) “A place for everything, and everything in its place”

You can let go of some perfectionism—have less clutter and enjoy life more.

a. Start small—with one task—rather than trying to organize your entire home immediately. Suggestion: Make it a habit to have the dishes done each night. Or choose to make your bed every day. Stand back and admire your work—give yourself credit!

b. Suggestions: If socks or underwear or towels are clean, put them away. They don’t have to be perfectly folded! Tuck all the pieces to a set of sheets inside the pillowcase for storage.

4) Too much clutter?

Is your piece of mind more precious than all this “stuff” you’ve collected? You don’t have to keep everything—especially not have everything you own in sight right now!

a. Toys—you kids may have lots of new toys after the holidays. Suggestion: put some away, in a box where the kids won’t see them. After a couple of months, rotate which toys are out and which are stored away. Your kids will be delighted, like they have brand new toys!

If you’ve simply had “Enough” of being disorganized Karen Lindsay’s website offers suggestions on how to become “Organized Enough”

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