Tips for Making the Perfect Ganache

Chocolate ganache is a home baker’s staple. If you haven’t mastered it, we have some tips to take note of.

Sharlie Weber shares how to make the perfect ganache.

Chocolate Ganache Tips

Different ratios of Ganache:

1 part chocolate to 1 part cream – Filling/Frosting

1 part chocolate to 2 part cream – Glaze

2 part chocolate to 1 part cream – Truffles

Tip #1:

If your ganache breaks (becomes grainy, or gets clumpy and oily) for some reason (waiting too long to stir, stirring too early, too high of cocoa butter %)…blend it up! Blend in a vitamix, small batches at a time. If it still doesn’t get smooth, try drizzling a little bit of honey at a time (while blending) to help the emulsification process.

Tip #2:

If you would like to infuse flavor into the ganache (for example: mint, berries, roasted nuts, etc.), put them in the heavy cream and heat it up (step 3 below). Then strain the heavy cream through a strainer as you pour it over the cream.

Tip #3:

If you would like to make a vegan/dairy-free ganache, then first, make sure you are using vegan/dairy-free friendly chocolate. Second, substitute the heavy cream with Coconut
Milk (Full-fat) or Cashew Cream (if you don’t like the added coconut flavor).

To make Cashew Cream:

1) Soak raw cashews in water overnight

2) Drain water and rinse the cashews

3) Blend 1 part cashews to 3/4 part water in a high powered blender. Add water if you would like it thinner.

Tip #4:

If you have left over Ganache, make creamy Hot Chocolate with it, or Freeze it for up to a few months (covered with a lid). To reuse frozen ganache, defrost in the fridge overnight. If
the consistency is too hard to work with, chop it up in smaller chunks, then reheat it over a double boiler.
Basic Chocolate Ganache

1) Roughly chop up chocolate to small pieces and place them in a metal bowl.

2) Pour heavy cream in a small saucepan.

3) Heat until the edges of the cream begins to only slightly bubble (if it is rapidly boiling you are burning the
cream, and it will boil over).

4) Pour the heated heavy cream evenly over the chopped up chocolate.

5) Let it sit for about 2 minutes.

6) With a rubber spatula or a whisk, start gently stirring in a circular motion, and as it thickens in the middle,
gradually start stirring outwards.

7) Taste it! If you want it to be sweeter, then gradually add honey or sugar to the ganache as you stir.

8) You should end up with a smooth and glassy ganache.

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