Tips for Painting a Mural

Sherry Ferrin says if you’re inclined, even an average artist could do it too. Here are her tips for using an art projector, or an overhead projector, to get your image on the wall.

1. Select or draw a design. Make a 4×6 copy to put in the projector.

2. Project the design onto the desired wall area.

3. If you do this with an overhead projector you will need to make a black and white transparency (at the print store).

4. Outline the design on the wall with pencil.

5. If you have straight lines use blue masking tape to get it straight.

6. Paint can be regular latex wall paint, acrylics, and tole paint.

7. If possible have extra wall paint available to make touch ups.

8. It may take 2 or more coats to fill in an area. Don’t be afraid to layer the paint, just make sure the coat on the wall is dry before applying another coat.

9. Be brave! It is just paint and can be painted over if you make a mistake.

10. Practice a small design on poster board before you do your wall if you aren’t quite sure what to do.

11. Use good art brushes. Depending on the project use a 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ brush made for painting with acrylics. The better the brush the better the painting.

12. Seal with a clear non yellowing coat. I use a clear coat satin finish in a spray can.

Sherry Ferrin is an independent artist living in Ogden.

Her murals are found in homes, theatres and restaurants throughout the state.

Email her at

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