Today’s Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Appetizers

We do a lot of wrapping during the holidays. We eat of lot of party
food during the holidays. Now you can merge both of those worlds
together, and do it with bacon.

Foods to wrap:

Dates, pitted. If desired stuff date with an almond, cream cheese, jalapeno, peanut butter
then block ends with a peanut. Also try marinating the date in soy sauce for 30 minutes
prior to wrapping with bacon.

Shrimp. Make sure the shrimp is raw. Add a slice of orange or avocado with the shrimp
before wrapping. Marinate shrimp in soy sauce for 5 minutes roll in sugar and wrap with

Pretzels, sesame sticks or any crisp bread stick. Wrap with bacon. Also try adding a slice
(the same size as stick) of pineapple, cantaloupe celery, apple or jicama then wrap

Jalapeño. Seed the jalapeño and stuff with cream cheese, chicken, almond, Monterey jack
cheese cubes, cooked steak, raw hamburger or tofu that’s been seasoned with salt and
pepper, a cherry tomato.

Marinated artichoke. Just perfect by itself wrapped with bacon.

Julienned veggies cut about 4 inches long and wrap like sushi. Try celery, carrot, scallion,
cucumber, red, green or gold bell pepper.

Small sweet peppers. Stuff with cooked chicken, raw shrimp or other seafood, cream
cheese and chopped spinach seasoned with salt, pepper and cayenne.

Bake all wrapped appetizers at 350 degrees for 30-30 minutes till crispy. Remove from
oven and roll in sugar or Parmesan cheese to another variation if desired. Let cool slightly
before serving.

The ideas are endless for wrapping with bacon. Be creative and come up with more unique
appetizers….try wrapping a pickle, I bet it would be good!

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