Top Ten List for Planning a Modern Wedding

Andrew Benson, Director of Private Dining at the Market Street Grill in Cottonwood shares his top ten list for planning a truly modern Wedding.

In my experience as a Wedding Planner, I have found that every bride wants the same thing…a unique wedding! In today’s day and age, you can get married just about anywhere, and however you wish. Modern brides are throwing all traditions out the window and grabbing hold of current customs and ideas. And why not? Half of the traditions we follow were made up by the generations before us – the garter, the cake, the “giving away of the bride.” Brides don’t want to imitate, they want to do something different in a bigger and better way. And the Market Street Grill in Cottonwood is here to help!

The Modern Wedding Top 10 List:

10. The wedding line no longer needs to be segregated. The bride can have her brother or best guy friend on her side, while the groom can stand next to a sister or cousin. This new wedding line provides for a fun, unique wedding pictures too!

9. Pick a color scheme and let the bridal party choose their outfit. This ensures that they pick out a dress/dress suit that flatters their own body type and can possibly be something they could wear again.

8. Skip the receiving line and mingle with your guests.

7. Decide what you want to spend money on. What is really important? (Our venue rentals include fresh flower centerpieces, votive candles as well as a choice of napkin colors. And we guarantee some of the lowest rental fees in the Salt Lake Valley.)

6. Display cakes or faux cakes can lower costs. Our Reception Menus can also include sliced cake. That eliminates the expense of serving a traditional wedding cake to all of your wedding guests.

5. Bring back the grooms cake. This is a fun way to bring the groom’s personality into the event.

4. Split the day up, especially if you are having difficulty coordinating with a church or ceremony venue.
Have the reception the next day or a later date.

3. Find a venue that delivers! The Market Street Grill Cottonwood is a one stop wedding venue. We offer a unique and beautiful location, a variety of menus that can satisfy every taste and any budget. And the service is exceptional.

2. Stay true to yourself and just enjoy this very special day when you marry the person you love.

1. With so many weddings that happen in Utah, select a location that is unlike any other. The Market
Street Grill /Cottonwood would be happy to help you celebrate your special day for less than you ever imagined!

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