Trends in Wallcoverings

Marilyn Taylor, with Wallpaper Warehouse, filled us in on the new trends and developments in wallpaper.


Three strong trends in wallpaper start with grasscloths. These are wallpapers made from actual grass or reeds. They provide a heavily textured wall. For years, people have been painting faux finishes on their walls. But now wallpaper is making it easy for you. New patterns mimic the popular faux finishes. And another trend is paintable architectural paper. This could look like an old pressed tin ceiling or a ornate wallpaper. These normally come white and then the homeowner paints the texture of pattern they have chosen.

In addition to the pattern trends, there are also changes in colors that have become popular recently.
Colors trends change with the seasons, as well as the years. There are, however, a few major trends emerging that will likely remain a major force in the marketplace for several years.

First, we’re seeing the disappearance of “jewel tones”. These are the hunter greens, burgundy and navy tones that have been popular for many years. In their place are lighter, subtler tones of these shades. Look for sage greens, mauve-pinks and sea blues to replace the vibrant hues of the early nineties.

Additionally, look for a new color tone “purple” to emerge with greater force. This hue, from rich lilacs to deep eggplants, is showing up in all areas of home furnishings, and is becoming a major force in wallcovering design.

Neutrals will always be in vogue. Clean, classy and contemporary, tans, creams, taupes and white will always be a fashion “yes”. At the same time, a new set of neutrals is emerging. Shades of gray and copper are being blended into the neutral mix, adding a richer complement of tones for depth and distinction.

An offshoot of gray and copper are metallics, which probably won’t become a widespread trend but will pop up with increasing frequency.

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