Trendy New Succulents

Darin Engh from Engh Gardens shares some of the great points about succulents.

Succulent plants offer dazzling possibilities for your home or garden design. From the undulating lines of Agave to the frilly-leaved rosettes of echeveria hybrids, succulents come in dramatic, sculptural shapes, intriguing textures, and sizzling colors. Bronze, blue, silver, crimson, chartreuse, and lavender leaves set off brilliant, long-lasting blooms. Better still, these elegant plants, which survive drought by storing water in their leaves, stems, and roots, require only minimal maintenance to remain lush and alluring year round.

RETRO Succulents

With the recent trends of “going green” and the busy lifestyle of today’s consumer, the Retro Succulents are a perfect fit. The unique varieties in this ever-evolving collection are bred for their structural and architectural features as well as their natural low maintenance, durability, and sustainability. Retro Succulents are ideal plants for everyone.

Over 40 varieties, ranging from gorgeous greens to pop-art pinks, from spiky to smooth skin, and from little to large. All Retro Succulents can withstand high temperatures and drought conditions, and many can endure colder temperatures once established. Some are perfect for a decorative pot on a sunny windowsill, while others are best as a focal point in the landscape.

SAVVY Succulents Designed to Thrive

Succulents are the desert survivalists of the plant world. By storing moisture on their stems, roots, and leaves they can withstand even prolonged drought. And it’s the H2O use – and their unusual appearance – that have made this diverse group so popular with today’s gardeners.

Pots, Wreaths, and Container Gardens

You do not need a plot of land to create a gorgeous succulent garden. Succulents can be potted and grouped on patios, balconies, decks, entryways, and sitting areas. You can also create succulent wreaths of topiaries to hang on walls or display on tabletops.

Living Wreaths

The wreath is a sign of a warm invitation into one’s home, synonymous with celebration and tradition. Living wreaths brings this symbol of love and family to life. These beautiful works of art can be used as miniature gardens that adorn your outdoor living spaces or become admired centerpieces and focal points for your home.

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