Trips of a Lifetime

With the costs of travel so reasonable, and the expertise of a “travel personal
shopper”, why not remind yourself of those dream vacations you have put in
the back of your mind? And why not take advantage of making these vacation
dreams reality?

Morris Murdock Travel has the professionals and the resources to ensure your
vacation is planned with customization to what you are looking for. We have
the tools to find the best value for you and when available, special amenities
to enhance your experience. We care.

Your trip of a lifetime may be a visit to the castles of Ireland and sleep where
the Irish royalty once had. For a 10-day tour, pricing begins at $3,285 per
person. Perhaps you have dreamt of bicycling through Tuscany; most include
lodging and meals along the way and offer various fitness levels and family
departures. Witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights is another ideal
breath-taking experience. With this, you can take advantage of one of the
many cruises we offer beginning at only $799 per person.

Whatever it is, we can make it happen and do so with the passion and
enthusiasm as if it were our own vacation. Contact us at 801-984-3379 in
Draper, or visit us online at

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