empty wall

Out of space? Here’s how to turn an empty wall into an organizing zone

Put that empty wall to good use! Make it an extra organizing space.

If your pantry shelves and bathroom closets are stuffed to the brim, look up! Turn that blank wall space into more organizing space. There are tons of products built for just that purpose.

Michelle Inkley shares her best tricks for using wall space as organizing space. She shares her favorite things to use for a tidy, sleek look.

Find more of Michelle’s organizing advice on Instagram, @theglitzypear, or at www.theglitzypear.com.


  • Can I please get the company’s name that Michelle Inkley mentioned that sells the modular natural wood storage shelving? I thought she said “90” or “Nine O,” but I tried googling those two names and can’t find anything. Please help. My email address is: Cook.777@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

  • Same question as others – I can’t understand what she is saying regarding where the wall system is from. It sounds like “Nino” but can’t find it and it doesn’t show the name on the screen like the other items later in the same segment.