Turn Your Garden into a Fairy Garden

Darin Engh from Engh Gardens holds the secrets to having a fairy garden and wants to share his secrets with you.

Where are the fairies?

Where can we find them?

We’ve seen the fairy-rings

They leave behind them!

Is it a secret

No one is telling?

Why, in your garden

Surely they’re dwelling!

No need for journeying,

Seeking afar;

Where there are flowers

There fairies are!

Have you ever seen – or thought you saw – a fairy? Perhaps you caught sight of a tiny wing glittering in the sunlight? Maybe you heard the sound of tinkling laughter coming from the garden? If so, you may have been lucky enough to glimpse a magical Flower Fairy.

Each Flower Fairy lives and sleeps in his or her own special plant. They wear outfits made from its leaves and flowers, so it is easy for them to hide. Fairies are shy little creatures and will disappear very quickly if they are scared.

Make a Flower Fairy haven of your very own.

1. Find a suitable container for your fairy garden.

2. Fill the container almost to the top with potting soil.

3. Choose your favorite “Fairy” plants.

4. Place the plants and flowers gently into the soil around the edge of your container to create a miniature landscape.

5. Give them all a drink of water.

6. Cover soil with moss. Or you can also add a path of sand or small stones.

Landscaping and Fairy Garden Furniture

Fairies love a garden that has a “lived-in” look. Add a path of tiny cobbles, a quartz crystal, a pretty shell, a bit of bark or an intricately-shaped branch, a reflecting pool made of a small mirror, a popsicle-stick fence, a bench, an arbor, a wheelbarrow, and other miniature tools and garden accents. Fairy furniture is available – and fairy figures, too. Use your imagination.

Fairy Plants

• Dwarf Boxwood

• Lady’s Mantle

• Lavender

• Marjoram

• Oregano

• Scented Geranium

• Creeping Veronica

• Thyme

• Moss

• Japanese Maple

• Dwarf Alberta Spruce

• Small Ferns

For more information on plants or what to add to your fairy garden visit www.enghgardens.com

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