Unexpected Christmas Color Combos

Who says Christmas decor needs to be red and green? By bringing in some of the year’s hottest colors, your Christmas decor can go from scary to merry, without breaking the bank.

Blogger McKenzie Guymon shares simple tricks for decorating your home for the holidays, as inspired by the latest trends.

Who says Christmas decor needs to be red and green? By bringing in some of the year’s hottest colors, your Christmas decor can go from scary to merry without breaking the bank. There are a few simple tricks to decorating your home for the holidays when it is inspired by the latest trends.

Be Flexible

Many times, it can be difficult to find specific colors in Christmas decor. Remember, when choosing a color, learn to accept that the color can come in a few shades. Shades don’t have to match, they just need to go together. By accepting the fact that you probably aren’t going to find every item you want in a certain shade of that color you are in love with, it will make your Christmas decorating much easier and more enjoyable.

Fabric is Your Friend

Fabric can be one of the easiest ways to bring in specific colors into your decor. There are so many selections of colors and patterns to choose from, it is a great way to bring in trendy colors and patterns into your Christmas decor. Using fabric to decorate can be done easily by making stockings, tree skirts, or even tying fabric scraps onto your Christmas tree.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Painting your Christmas decor is so easy and inexpensive. It is an excellent way to bring in colors that are challenging to find elsewhere. You don’t need to paint anything that takes a huge commitment. Painting ornaments, pine cones, or artwork can bring just the right amount of color to your decor.

Keep it Small

Don’t go overboard with trendy colors in your Christmas decor. Most of your Christmas decor should be made up with pieces that are timeless. Use the more trendy colors to accent those timeless pieces in your decor. This will require a much smaller investment and will allow you to use the majority of your Christmas decor every year. You can even give all of the trendy decor pieces a makeover to bring in your new favorite colors every year. By using washi tape or vinyl on a jar, or creating printable artwork you can put in a picture frame, you can easily bring trendy colors in without having spent a lot of money.

Don’t Shop in the Christmas Department

If you are trying to make your Christmas decor unique by using nontraditional colors, chances are, those colors won’t typically be in the Christmas department. If the colors you are using are trendy, you can usually find them in other departments of the store. Use pillows, candlesticks, or picture frames to bring in the correct colors. You can always add a little Christmas flair to everyday pieces to make them feel more holiday inspired.

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