Unique Wedding Shower Gifts

So Studio 5 Contributor Mindy Dunyon lists some unique wedding shower theme and gift ideas.


1. Something old, something new, something     borrowed, something blue.

2. Newlyweds “Firsts”.

The first wedding theme, Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, is a great theme to use for a family party. It gives moms, grandmas, and aunts a chance to pass down family heirlooms, or antique house-wares. On the invitation, the host asks everyone to please bring a gift that is either old, new, borrowed or blue.


1. Old: Grandma’s dishes, vintage table-clothes,     vintage bedding

2. New: This could be anything…for those who don’t     have something old, borrowed or blue.

3. Borrowed: Mom’s jewelry, jewelry box

4. Blue: A gift basket full of anything blue.

The second wedding theme, Newlywed’s “Firsts” is a fun theme because it gives everyone a specific gift to purchase. On the invitation, the host list’s a specific “First” to buy the bride and groom.


1. First Cleaning: Bucket full of cleaning     supplies

2. First Breakfast: Re-useable grocery sack full of     muffin ingredients, muffin tin and your favorite     muffin recipe.

3. First Vacation: A swimsuit for the honeymoon with     a book about the honeymoon destination spot.

4. First Camp Out: Ingredients to make S’mores,     Skewers, headlights.

5. First Bath: A basket full of bath soaps,     scrubbers, lotions.

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