Use Your Strongest Muscle

It’s THE most important muscle in the body.
So how can you use your brain to help you lose weight?
Personal trainer Blake Robinson says you have to get your brain in the game.

-Motivate your mind – We all need some motivation sometimes, going to the gym or going on the run isn’t always the greatest part of our day but if you can get your mind motivated about the workout you will get an even higher calorie burn out of it.

-Get your brain in the game – stop trying to just get through the workout with distractions, music, books, and really pay attention to what you are doing and what muscles you are using.

-Our brain is our strongest muscle – Our brain is our strongest muscle yet so many of us haven’t learned how to use it yet. Learning to actually think about what muscles we are using during an exercise, to talk to those muscles in our mind during exercise will help us stay focused, stay safe, and stay slim

-Fatigue is more brain than brawn – when we get tired and can’t do any more during a workout it is not our muscles that have given up it is our mind that has.

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