USU Extension: Homemade Floor Sweeping Pads

They run about $1 a pad, and you can usually only get one use out of them. If you are damp mopping your floor two or three times a week, the cost adds up quickly.

Teresa Hunsaker with Utah State University Extension Service’s in Weber County shares with us some methods for making homemade floor sweeper pads that are recyclable.

Here are some ideas to make your own to recycle:

► Use an old flannel shirt—you can fashion a number of pad     covers out of the sleeves, but also out of the body of the shirt.

► Used (and perhaps a bit dingy) microfiber rags.

► Old t-shirts cut to fit.

► Onesies from your last baby—not to worry about the formula     stains—they still work great.

► Old washcloths are super too. May have to cut and trim a bit,     but not hard to do.

► Bar towels or automotive towels—while not expensive would     still need to be purchased if you don’t have them around the     house.

► How about an old sock—seems most of us have plenty of those     around—always without a mate.

► Felt also works, and can be gently laundered a few times.

While there are other options, like paper towels and disposable diapers, the preference is to make ones that don’t add to the landfills as often.

Here is a resource for knitting a quick cover on a loom.

If you have any questions, call the Family and Consumer Science Education Department at the Weber County USU Extension office at (801) 399-8203 or online at

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