Utah Dairy Council: Meet the Ambassadors

Andrea Baldwin and Jennifer Carter come to Studio 5.

It’s spring and swimsuit season. How can dairy products help you get in shape for summer?

Calcium is critical in controlling what your body does with calories and dairy is an even more critical factor. Without changing how many calories you take away, you can alter how much weight and fat you lose. Also, there are many low-fat and fat-free dairy options available so be sure to check them out at your grocer’s dairy shelf.

If you get tired of drinking regular milk, but know it’s good for you, why would drinking milk be a better option that fruit juices or diet soda?

Regular and flavored milk have the same nutritional content. Although flavored milk has added sugars, it still outweights options such as pop and some fruit juices in nutrition benefits. Also, milk helps aid in weight loos? If you’re on a diet and are watching fat intake, try products like skim milk or low fat cottage cheeses, rather than cutting them out of your diet. You still receive the nutritional benefits with these products.

Make sure you kids get enough calcium and getting their three dairy servings daily. What are some good options:

There are so many options. Low-fat yogurt, string cheese, turkey and cheese roll-ups and fun flavored milks such as chocolate and strawberry. Dairy products are some of children’ s favorites. Ice cream or ice cream sandwiches are another great option for beating the summer heat.

Where can you find recipes for quick snacks and meals that are nutritious?

The Dairy Farmer’s of Utah website is a great tool for nutritious and dairy rich recipes. You can find a variety of fun summer infused recipes at www.utahdairycouncil.com as well as tips, newsworthy articles and various research on Dairy’s proven health benefits.

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