Utah Kids Club: Get Out and Play… Everyday!

You and your family can get everything from discount tickets to the Zoo and Lagoon to free chocolate and candy factory tours, movies in the park, magic shows and so much more. And all you have to do is check the daily calendar at UtahKidsClub.Com.

Cali Kellywood gives Studio 5 viewers a peak of this fun and inexpensive way for family activities.

Utah Kids Club offers a variety of activities every single day of the year and lots of them are free or discounted. Perfect for the family who’s watching every penny, yet so fun that even if you don’t have kids, you can have a great time.

Just check out the website at www.UtahKidsClub.Com and see all the great activities you can enjoy. Check out the event calendar outlining events happening every single day of the year … and it’s just not one or two events but eight to ten activities daily. Some activities are discounted but lots are free, too.

At UtahKidsClub.Com, there’s also the “Story Time Calendar” page, the “Free Kids Meal” Calendar , the “Retail Picks” page, the “Birthday Bargains” page, the “Health Corner” page and a long list “Locations and Discounts” of events in Utah, Davis and Salt Lake counties. There will be something to do every single day of the year. No more “Mom, I’m bored… what can I do?”

You’ll have it all right at your finger tips at www.utahkidsclub.com

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