Utah Real Estate Auction: Buying and Selling Real Estate

In today’s real estate market, real estate auctions are fast becoming the most effective way to sell real estate. In many cases, it is the only alternative marketing method available to sellers and lenders with time constraints and equity or capital investments at risk of loss if properties are not sold quickly.

Zane Berry with Utah Real Estate Auction shows you why a real estate auction can work for you.

Here are some reasons why real estate auctions work:

Your property is exposed and showcased to an increased number of qualified buyers. Bidders see property values confirmed by the others bidding around them.

Real estate auctions stimulate an increased interest in your property because they are unique and exciting. Bidders negotiate up, not down, from the sellers price.

Real Estate auctions create urgency and competition among buyers, bringing people to a decision more quickly.

Your advertising and marketing dollars are highly leveraged with other auction properties being packaged with yours.

Participation from all real estate companies and agents is welcome, giving you the advantage of several agents and companies working to bring buyers to the auction.

Real estate auctions are conducted in a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere and they are a win-win for buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

Benefits of Buying at an Auction

Typically real estate transactions usually involve agents negotiating offers and counter offers, and the process often takes weeks and sometimes months.

Auctions set a date and time, provide buyers with as much info as possible so the due diligence is done prior to the auction. The negotiations take place openly and quickly between bidders, raising the price. Once a high bid has been achieved, a quick decision is made by the seller or lender.

Sellers and lenders are highly motivated to sell once they have seen and confirmed in their own minds that the auction process has stimulated multiple buyers ready to take action.

All rules of the auction are clearly spelled out the same for everyone participating, giving every buyer an equal oppotunity to take advantage of the auction process.

Buyers can check out homes in person on the two Saturdays before the auction by going online at www.UtahREA.com and getting all the details. Also, you can just check everything online as well.

The two auctions will be held. The first is February 5 at Noah’s in South Jordan and the second will be February 19 at the Civic Center in St. George.

To learn more about how a real estate auction can work for you, call at (801) 922-9703, visit them online at www.utahREA.com or stop by at 17 North State Street, Lindon, Utah.

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