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Kelly Lonnecker

Valentine’s Day Door Drops: 5 elevated heart attack ideas to spread a little love

Use these heart attack ideas to spread the Valentine’s love to friends and family.

If you’ve had your front door plastered with paper hearts — you know what it feels like to have a “heart attack.” It’s a common neighborhood tradition for spreading a message of love any time of year

Studio 5 Creative Contributor Kelly Lonnecker has added to that tradition. She offers up five fresh ways to do a Valentines Door Drop and tell someone you care.


5 Heart Attack Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. Paper Fan Heart Attack

    Create a layered Valentine’s masterpiece using red and white valentine fans. These fans simply unfold and hang using string or ribbon. Use fans in various shapes, sizes and colors and add a few paper heart doilies or accessories to create more layering excitement. To make assembly easy, arrange your fans using a piece of duct tape fastened on the top of your own door at home and then transport the entire display in one piece to your friend’s door.

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  2. Paper Heart Tree

    To create this sweet centerpiece, you’ll need branches, white spray paint if desired, red cardstock, a heart shaped punch, scissors and string. Using spray paint, coat branches and allow to dry. Punch hearts from cardstock and cut half of the hearts in the center from the top down and half of the hearts in the center from the bottom up. Attach a string in a loop through a small hole placed in the center of the hearts that are cut through the bottom. Fit opposite hearts together like a puzzle so that the top of one heart goes through the bottom of it’s opposite. This will create a three-dimensional ornament. Hang hearts at varying heights and depths until the tree looks full. Add a tag or note and hang it on the tree.

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  1. Door Knob Streamers

    Add some colorful flair to your neighbors doorknob by tying fabric, paper tassels, ribbon, feathers and embellishments to a small ring or embroidery hoop. The more color and texture the better! You can also add a tag or note to personalize the door hanger.

  2. “10 Reasons” Giant Tassel Balloon

    Nothing says fun and happy like a giant balloon! You can order large balloons in 24 or 36 inch sizes and have them filled locally with helium. The larger the balloon, the more weight it can hold. So, if you want a full streamer of tassels ribbon and embellishments, go with the 36 inch! Paper tassel kits are easy to find and also very affordable. After separating sheets, simply bunch and twist until a fluffy and full tassel forms. Attach tassels to balloon string, making sure to overlap tassel ends. This creates a full tail. You can also add tags, hearts, and doilies to create more excitement. Be careful not to weigh down the balloon and remember your balloon will lose air with time.

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  1. “Just Popping By” to say I LOVE YOU

    To create this celebratory door drop, write things you love about the recipient on small strips of paper. Roll paper and tuck into uninflated balloons. Once balloons are filled with helium, attach a number 1-10 to each balloon. Add a note that says “Popping By to Tell You We Love you” or “Pop Me!”

Kelly Lonnecker has a passion for making all of life’s special moments memorable and beautiful. She loves to celebrate and believes that from invitations to thank you cards, an event can be both simple and stunning! As Studio 5’s Creative Contributor, Kelly strives to inspire viewers to create in ways that are both meaningful and manageable. 

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