Velvet Pepper

When it comes to fashion, finding the right bag is half the battle! And now
a new local company is offering purses that make a serious statement, and
will have everyone asking “where did you get that?”

Stacee Sparrow shows off the designer line known as “Velvet Pepper.”

Velvet Pepper is a new handbag, purse and diaper bag company that has
recently launched their online store located at Velvet
Pepper’s signature vintage styles are coupled with high quality fabrics,
offering durable, stylish options for today’s modern woman.

2 years ago, Stacee Sparrow (founder) and Brittany Andrus (co-founder)
decided to create diaper bags and purses for women that were easier to
use and more functional than what was currently out there, all while having
a vintage flare and trendy style. Stacee has a unique and keen gift for
design and color, and Brittany can make shapes and patterns appear out of
nowhere. Velvet Pepper is finally being brought to you.

Style & Functionality Combined

Customers carrying Velvet Pepper bags are awestruck by the cute designs
and the functionality of the bags. All of the bags include inside pockets,
which helps with organization. There are pockets for everything, making it
easy to quickly find what you are looking for! Customers are also raving
about the European cut velvets, because they are high quality upholstery
fabrics and will last a lifetime. These fabrics and designs are unique, and
there are so many colors to choose from.

Velvet Pepper Collections

Velvet Pepper has 6 collections, allowing customers to find the perfect bag
to match each unique style. The Hannah and Lily line are both cut velvet,
lined with a high quality contrasting duckcloth. Both of these collections
have multiple colors and sizes to choose from.

The Kristen collection comes in one size right now and is made of fresh,
natural burlap that is hard to resist. The Whitney comes in 2 sizes and 2
colors and is fun and sassy and a favorite among women.

Last but not least is the Posie collection, which is a specialty and an original
to Velvet Pepper. The handbags in this collection are the Raychel and the
Tori. Each comes with a unique snap system so that your bag can be
customized to your tastes with “posies” (flowers) that snap on and off of
the bags. To add another element of surprise, the tops of each posie can
snap on and off allowing you the true versatility and option of creating the
look you want. Both the Raychel and the Tori collection come in multiple
sizes and colors, and the interchangeable posies make the possibilities

While not a collection in and of itself, each collection contains a Pepper
Personal; a pivotal piece for any mom. It was originally designed to hold
diapers and wipes and was a one of the main inspirations in creating Velvet
Pepper. Now, the Personal can hold moms stuff or baby’s stuff making it
easy to be on the go and have all that you need right at your fingertips. The
Personal also comes with a long and short strap so that you can have a
clutch or a small purse; whichever suits you!

The pepper penny is a tasty morsel that comes included in every bag. It’s a
unique card / coin purse that was inspired by the Hannah collection and
comes in every one of our amazing fabrics. You’re going to love what
Velvet Pepper has to offer you.

Each bag, each posie, each pattern and each design was named after an
important woman in the life of Velvet Pepper. Beginning with daughters and
not limited by influential friends and family. Each has a story to tell and
perhaps you’ll see yourself in some of them. Stacee and Brittany are thrilled
to bring you Velvet Pepper and to make your life a little more vintage, a
little more timeless, and a little more you.

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