Walls That Wow: 10 ideas to give your home a designer feel…

One way to instantly add interest to your home is an accent wall. Whether it’s a bold color or a cool texture, a statement wall will give your home that designer feel.

Cara Fox shares ten ideas that are sure to wow in your home.

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Accent Walls That Wow

Adding an accent wall into your space can bring that fresh edge you’re craving. Here are 10 ideas to give you a little inspiration.

Tiled Arch Wall

There is something so romantic about a tiled arch wall. The curvature and marble bodes a timeless statement that will be adorned for years to come.

Bold Color

Make a statement and go bold! Cara says she’s all about light and bright and white, but now and then, a good dramatic color can really add personality and charm to a home.

Wallpaper Mural

Wallpaper has come a long way from the days where every wall was covered in little ducks and border prints! Every day we are seeing more and more stunning murals available to grace our walls with!

For a stand out ceiling, wallpaper is the perfect touch, it’s a quick and easy way to make a room pop and bring the eye up!


Lego walls are not only a great way to teach kids how to look at problems from a different perspective, but they can also add great dimension, color, and playfulness to a room!

Cork Board Wall

If you have little ones that come home excited to hang up every art project they bring home from school, a corkboard wall just may be the answer! And as you can see from this photo, they can be for grown ups too!

Vertical Shiplap

If you love the look of shiplap but concerned about it being too trendy, Cara recommends going vertical with it. For a classic coastal feel, keep it all white. For more of a farmhouse feel, pair it with stained beams and accent pieces to create a cozy, casual vibe.

Marble wall treatment

Is it possible to make a bold statement subtly? It is! By adding solid marble walls as a backsplash, you can achieve a striking, sophisticated, timeless look.

Pencil Mould Wainscoting

If you’re looking for an elegant way to dress up your walls, pencil mould wainscoting or “picture frame moulding” is a beautiful solution. Not only is it pretty, but it has a lighter, less-heavy semblance.

Chalkboard Wall

Decorating with chalkboard paint can be totally grown up and chic! Have you seen chalk paint and markers? They come in a variety of colors and brushes! Put your artistic skills to good use, or let your kids create their own murals!


One of the biggest decorating dilemmas that plague homeowners is “What in the world do we do with these large, tall walls!” Wainscoting is a really great solution and one we use all time. It adds dimension, character, and a clean, classic look just by itself.

Brick Wall Veneers

Bring in a New York loft feel with a brick veneer wall!

Wainscoting & Wallpaper

Add extra charm by combining wainscoting and wallpaper.