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Water wise doesn’t have to mean cacti! 10 colorful perennials that are also water conscious

These perennials add lots of color and interest to your garden.

It’s the secret to a vibrant and colorful yard with half the work.

Jerry Goodspeed, with USU Botanical Gardens, shares why pretty perennials are the perfect maintenance plants that your landscape may be missing.


The Perennial Appeal

Jerry said perennials are the cornerstone of a beautiful blooming garden, year after year. With thousands of varieties available, these plants promise beauty and color with minimal effort. They’re not just about aesthetics; perennials are also water wise.

“There are some beautiful water-wise plants that can give color too. They look beautiful throughout the whole summer,” Jerry emphasized.

Water wise doesn’t mean a landscape full of cacti. Jerry introduced water-wise perennials that offer color. These plants thrive with less water, making them ideal for eco-friendly gardens without sacrificing the visual appeal.

Top Picks for Your Garden

  • Colorado Desert Blue Star: A drought-tolerant gem that blooms with beautiful blue stars.
  • Orange Carpet Hummingbird Trumpet: Blooms from late July through fall, adding a splash of orange to your garden.
  • Little Raspberry Bitter Root: Requires slightly more water, but rewards with stunning flowers.
  • Tushar Bluemat Beardtongue: A Utah native that serves as a low-lying ground cover with purple tones.
  • Catmint: Aromatic and drought-resistant, it forms a mound of blue flowers even in dry conditions.
  • Aztec Gold Veronica: Offers attractive foliage that adds color to your garden year-round.
  • Blackbeard Beardtongue: Features colorful foliage and attractive blooms.
  • Mango Tango Anise Hyssop: A late-blooming hyssop with prolific mango-colored flowers.
  • Fig Fusion Ice Plant: Soft and touchable, this plant is extremely drought-tolerant.
  • Lime Twister Sunsparkler Sedum: Known for its beautiful foliage, it’s a succulent addition to any garden.

Planting Tips for Success

Here is Jerry’s best advice for perennial success:

  • Plant perennials close together to outcompete weeds.
  • Group plants with similar water needs to simplify care.
  • Enjoy the low-maintenance benefits and the joy these plants bring to your garden.

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