Watermelon Bellini

This refreshing drink adds a little sweet to all the rich flavors of a hearty breakfast.

Sue Neal shares the how-to.

Watermelon Bellini
3 cups frozen watermelon juice (broken up into chunks.
2 – 4 Tbsps of white sugar (to taste depending on sweetness of watermelon).
2 – 4 Tbsps of fresh lemon or lime juice (to taste depending on how tart you want it).

Blend all ingredients.

Pour into glasses till about 1/3 full.

Pour chilled Pellegrino until bubbles reach the top.

Garnish with a skewer of watermelon pieces, fresh basil or other herb or wedge of lime.

This frozen watermelon juice is great for smoothies, sorbets, lemonades and the a perfect brunch cocktail /mocktail, Watermelon Bellini. Typically an alcoholic drink made with Champagne or Sparkling wine, my mocktail version uses nice fizzy Pellegrino instead.

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