What NOT to Put in the Dishwasher

Most things are dishwasher safe, but why risk it?
Consumer Educator, Teresa Hunsaker, has tips on what not to put in the

Just because you have a dishwasher does not mean that all dishes and
cooking utensils should go into it. In fact, there are many more items then
you probably thought that shouldn’t go in the dishwasher.

Here are a few items to leave out…

Cast Iron: The high alkalinity of the detergent is too harsh for
cast iron and takes the “seasoning” off the cast iron and can cause it to

Wood: Dries out and splits or warps the wood…so wood handles
on knives, wooden spoons, wooden bowls, etc. should all be washed by
hand and dried immediately. This also includes bamboo.

Anodized Aluminum: The dishwasher detergent really takes its
toll on anodized aluminum…it not only effects the way it looks, but can
eventually effect the performance of the nonstick surface.

Crystal: Nice lead crystal is particularly vulnerable to the harsh
detergent and high heat of the dishwasher, and can easily crack or break
this delicate glass. This also includes milk glass.

Antique or hand painted china: All of your finer china should
really be done by hand. Even bone china falls in this category.

Silver or silver plate: Can cause extensive discoloration and

Insulated mugs and thermos containers: The heat and the
detergent can cause the seal between the layers for insulating to leak and
be ruined.

Aluminum: Aluminum will tarnish and turn dark in the
dishwasher…so pots, pans, and jelly roll pans should really not go in the
dishwasher. Same thing for pewter, brass, and bronze.

Things that are questionable in the dishwasher: Enamel coated pots,
knives, rubber spatulas, most plastics, blades for your Cuisinart, Pyrex
baking dishes, and Teflon (or other non-stick) surfaces.

My recommendation: Always check the use and care manual or
manufacturer’s recommendations for any pan, dish, pot, or kitchen utensil
you are hoping to put in the dishwasher.

If you have any questions, contact Teresa Hunsaker at the Family and
Consumer Science Education Department at the Weber County USU
Extension office at (801) 399-8203 or online at

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