What Women Can Learn From Men About Being Easier on Themselves

Women are much harder on themselves than men are. And while women
might think that men have a few areas for improvement, the truth is that
women could actually benefit from taking a page out of the men’s way of

Studio 5 Relationship Coach Matt Townsend shares his observations and
tips on how women can learn from men and be easier on themselves.

Pay Less Attention To The Details

Have you ever noticed that men just don’t pay as close attention to things
as women do? The small details elude us, we see the bigger picture rather
than the small stuff. The biggest reason men don’t notice the “small” flaws
in themselves is, simply put, we’re not looking for them!

Believe The Good People Say About You

Have you noticed how men react when you give them a sincere compliment
compared to women? Men may fake humility when receiving a compliment,
but they actually believe what you’re saying to them. They already think
they’re great so you’re compliments are only validating them. Women, on
the other hand, won’t believe a thing you say if it isn’t what they want to
hear. Just be like the man who is ok receiving the goodness that you are
willing to send. If he gets a compliment many times, he’ll come home and
tell you about it, because he wants you to know that others think he’s a
rockstar. So always believe the good that people say about you.

Keep Score Unless You Can Win

Nobody knows how to win better than the average male. Men are wired to
win at all costs and we’ve learned a lot of tricks, like, if you don’t have a
great chance of winning and you still want to play, just don’t keep score.
Unlike women, who for the sake of bonding and connection, they will do
almost anything, even if it makes you lose self esteem.

Most men know not to compare and contrast unless they can win the
battle. We never pick a fight with the biggest guy in the room, unless we’re
trying to impress the ladies. Women, on the other hand, seem to constantly
go head to head with the toughest battle in town and it literally beats you
to a pulp. Instead of comparing yourself to others that nobody can beat,
focus on being the best that is within you.

Settle for Being “Pretty Good”

I believe most men don’t go for perfect because it’s simply too much work.
Instead they’d rather get to pretty good and then relax. Men can really be
completely happy with the concept of “Pretty Good.” In almost everything
we do, pretty good is, well, pretty darn good. Women, on the other hand,
have the problem of “Just one more thing …” There is always one more
thing that could have made it better.

Just one more deep breath of calmness, just one more moment of peace,
just one sense of simplicity. Follow Thoreau’s advice of Simplify, Simplify,

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