What’s Wrong with this Picture: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is often the least considered room in the house. But, you can have a beautiful master bedroom by following a few simple design ideas.

Designer Lauren Oviatt with Oviatt Design shares some “must do’s” for the master bedroom in this installment of “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”.

Simplicity in Design

This doesn’t mean you have to have all white bedding, light blue walls and zero pattern. Choose any palette you like – but keep things simple. The bed and nightstand grouping should be the focal, obviously, but consider also having a bench, chaise or armchair for a secondary grouping and a nice place to sit. This should be the extent of furniture in the bedroom. DON’T let this room become a catch-all for random dressers, chests or cast-off furniture pieces. Take some pride in the room and keep the design simple and practical.

Good lighting

I know I sound like a broken record but soft lighting is SO important, especially in a bedroom. This is as easy as a bedside lamp with a the right watt bulb. 60 watts maximum. 45 is even better. The easiest way to wind down is to dim the lights. Low lights instantly set the mood for relaxation and calm. Don’t underestimate this simplicity of this design idea!


No matter the palette you have selected, consider layering your bedding with various textures for a sumptuous, inviting look. Spend time figuring out what your favorite type of fabric is… like knowing what kind of eggs you like! Bamboo, cotton sateen, t-shirt sheets, satin, or even crisp pima cotton sheets; there are many different fabrics to choose from. Layer the bed with a featherbed, quilt or matelasse, and even a feather comforter, even if it is a lightweight one. In the summer, bring in linen or washed cotton textures. In the winter, throw a faux fur blanket over the bed or use heavier chenille quilts to layer in warmth. The bed is the focal, so take some time to make it look beautiful!


Just because the master bedroom may be the least seen room in the house, doesn’t mean it should be a catch-all for clutter. Make a conscious effort to keep the five loads of laundry off the floor, suspended school projects or craft projects for the kids out of the corner – or any other organizational endeavor that isn’t over in a day or two. You may only spend a few hours a night in that room, but take some pride in your personal space and keep it tidy. Set boundaries for kids or spouses that have up until now taken advantage of your space. Having a clean space will make a huge difference in your ability to rest well and wind down after those long days… especially if they are ALL long days!


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