When and How to Know if Your Kid’s Injury is Serious

Dr. Andrea Matich is a doctor, specializing in Sports Medicine at the Center of Oorthopedic and Rehabilitation Excellence (CORE) and helps point out some warning signs and treatment.

There are no quick easy answers for some situations. Even an experienced doctor can guess wrong in the absence of an x-ray or further tests. But there are still some signs to watch for.

5 Telltale Signs Your Kid May Have Broken a Bone
   • You or your child heard a snap or a grinding noise during the       injury.
   • There’s swelling, bruising, or tenderness around the injured       part. This normally is a very fast swelling (30 mins.) in a       specific area.
   • It’s painful for your child to bear weight on the injury, touch it,       press on it, or move it. Even if your child is too young to       communicate, you might notice that they avoid using the sore       body part.
   • The injured part looks deformed. In severe breaks, the broken       bone may be poking through the skin.
   • There is a very specific area of pain. If apply pressure and       there isn’t much pain except in a small, localized area, it could       be a more serious sign. If there is pain throughout the whole       area, it could be a safer sign.

What Do I Do?

   For Less Serious Injuries

       Create a cold compress or use an ice pack
       Elevate above the heart
       Compression with an ace bandage or splint
       Seek medical care and don’t allow your kid to eat if surgery is          needed

   For Serious Injuries—Call for Emergency Care Immediately

       Any injury related to the neck or back
       If bone is coming through the skin, do not move

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