Bleached greens? How to use them in white flower arrangements..

Flowers bring a fresh feel to your living space. This year, white flower arrangements are coming back in a modern way.

Brynn Larsen shares how you can use bleached greens along with your favorite white flowers for a light, airy look.

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Favorite Flower Frogs for Floral Arranging

Flower frogs are a great way to arrange your florals, especially when you want a nice, clean look. Put one in the bottom of your vase and place the flower stems on the pins to keep them in place. Below are a few of Brynn’s favorite flower frogs, and a couple of our own!

2 3/8in Round Floral Pin Frog, $12

Pin Frog 1-1/8″ Round, $7

3″ or 4″ Floral Frog Pinholder, $10-$16

1 1/8″ Pin Frogs (includes 2), $5.79

Flower Frog Round, 2.4″, $14

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