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Why Run an Organized Race?

There are plenty of people who run for exercise, but many of them never take that next step and run in an organized race. Utah is one of the most “race friendly” states with lots of options to entice runners.

Chelsea McKell with the Utah Running Guide shares her motivation for why you should run an organized race.

The top reason most runners will tell you they do this is MOTIVATION: Races are GREAT motivators. Having a 5K on the calendar that you’ve registered for and committed to gets you out the door on days when you’d rather stay in bed or hit the couch after work. Plus, most races support a cause or charity, which may be personally close to your heart. That can help motivate you to train so you’ll be able to participate.

Another reason is the tremendous sense of accomplishment. Crossing the finish line, no matter how fast you got there or how you look doing it, feels SO GOOD! Setting goals and achieving them, competing with others and yourself…. it’s all very personally gratifying.

The last reason is simply that it’s FUN! The phrase “fun run” is not an oxymoron. These races are a blast. The Utah Running Community here are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. Races are social events; they’re a big party. Prizes, food, cool swag, great people, awards, giveaways, excitement – There’s nothing you can do in this state on a Saturday morning that is more fun that a good race.

We are issuing a Challenge to all Utahans. This Challenge is called, “You Never Forget Your FIRST!”

If you have not yet completed your first organized race of ANY distance – 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon – NOW is the time to do it!

Everyone who completes their FIRST race between now and Thanksgiving and posts on the Utah Running Guide Facebook Wall about their experience doing their FIRST race is entered into a drawing for one of 6 (SIX!!) $100 gift certificates to 26.2 Running Store!

And EVERYONE who enters get a coupon for 26% off their purchase at the store. This can be a huge savings on a quality pair of new running shoes or apparel. All ya gotta do is complete your first race, and tell us about it on the Facebook wall! 6 people will win $100 gift certificates!

We want to encourage everyone to try something new, push themselves, and experience the awesomeness of organized running events.

Upcoming Races

If you’re a runner, there’s no better state to live in than Utah. It’s a fact that we’ve got more running events per capita here than any other state! And Fall is an especially popular time for running.

**For those interested in a traditional 5K fun run, there’s one here at Sugarhouse Park nearly every single Saturday. Wheeler Farm is also a common venue. Most 5Ks are smaller, low-key with great atmospheres and good causes, and often some really great swag and prizes. Hogle Zoo has the Wild Stampede 5K this Saturday the 29th, and the Layton 5K is part of the Layton Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K event going on that same day. It’s a VERY well organized race, with chip timing, put on by On Hill Events. Register with the coupon code STUDIO5 for ten bucks off!

**Women-only races are getting really popular. There are several going on next month. The Pink Series has a half marathon and 5K on Oct 13 in Park City. The Utah Runner Girls Series has a 5K and Princess Mile October 20th in Draper. These races are so GIRLY! Finisher necklace bling, super cute women’s race shirts, pampering, handsome firemen handing out prizes, and of course, CHOCOLATE! So get your girlfriends together and sign up for a ladies-only race!

**Night runs are a rush, and great for those runners who aren’t the morning-person type. A fun one coming up is called Steal the Night 5K at Liberty Park, Oct 12. It’s all about glowsticks, headlamps, and neon glow-in-the-dark clothes. They’ve got 2 waves – a competitive one, and one just-for-fun. The first ten people to register with code STEAL50 get half off their registration!

**If you’re a runner into the obstacle race trend, check out The Color Vibe in Ogden October 13th. You start in white-shirt-dress-code and come out 3 miles later looking like you got attacked by a rainbow. Makes for excellent photo ops.

**Another running genre worth checking out is trail running and trail racing. A lot of runners find it much easier on their body to run on dirt trails. And of course here in Utah we’re so lucky to have such beautiful off-road-running options. There’s a 5K and 5miler on November 3rd called the Utah Urban Nature Run in Murray. There’s also a Trail run in Timpanogos Park October 13th that will be just gorgeous this time of year.

**Many runners love to plan a mini-vacation and road trip around a BIG race. The Escalante Canyons Marathon and 10-miler on Oct 13th would be perfect for this. The views on Scenic Byway 12 in Southern Utah are breathtaking and totally worth the journey. It’s also the least expensive registration fee you’ll likely ever see for a marathon, with their 2-for-1 deal going on now.

All of the details for these events, and many many more, can be found on the Utah Running Guide website,
. We also host giveaways for FREE entries to these events and more on our Facebook Page, so check it out!

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