Why Yoga May Be the Change You Need

Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, explains how Yoga compliments all health goals and fitness programs.

Yoga is one of the fastest growing activities in the fitness industry… and for good reason. Yoga is perfect for all fitness levels, all age groups, and any health goal. If you love cardio or weights, try adding a couple days of yoga to round out your program. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, do a quickie 10 – 20 minute yoga workout before bed. If you are an athlete, yoga can help you strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries so you perform better. If you are a beginner, yoga can help you get active, feel stronger, and just… better. Or, if you are a stress ball (like me!), yoga can help you find that inner peace.

Yoga has many benefits, but overall, here are three great reasons you should make time for a little yoga in your life:

1) Improved overall health:

a. Studies have linked yoga to improved mood, reduced blood pressure, enhanced cardiac rehab, lower cardiovascular risk factors, reduced low back pain, and reduced symptoms of arthritis and asthma… just to name a few.

2) Reduced anxiety, stress, and depression. And better sleep.

3) Improved total-body strength and flexibility.

Here are three great ways to try a yoga workout… today!

1) Yoga with Janet Stone app, more info: http://www.lolofit.com/apps/yoga_with_janet_stone

2) Live yoga classes in a yoga studio or health club (Denise Druce is a fabulous yoga instructor in the Salt Lake Valley, but try any live yoga class near you for an invigorating new workout experience)

3) Yoga DVDs: Rodney Yee yoga workouts are always great for all levels

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