Winter Outdoor Exercising: Snowshoeing

Outdoor enthusiast Sheryl McGlochlin shows how to enjoy snowshoeing.

Snowshoe Benefits
• Excellent aerobic workout
• Incredible winter beauty
• Lifts your spirit/soul
• Breathe fresh mountain air
• Escape valley inversions
• Witness bright blue skies
• Think more clearly about your problems
• Peace and Quiet
• Strengthen your entire body
• Gain confidence in knowing that you can do “hard things”!
• Feel gratitude when observing how beautiful nature is on a cold    winter day
• Avoid cabin fever by getting outside often
• Enjoy this with the whole family
• Learn and practice valuable emergency preparedness skills
• Inexpensive sport to do often

What to bring
• Camera
• Bottle of Water
• Sunglasses
• Healthy Snack i.e. Trail Mix or PB & J Sandwich
• Poles

How to dress
• Be prepared to “Layer up and peel off”
• Priority: Shoes and Socks
• Hiking shoes: Lightweight waterproof and water resistant
• Socks: Smart wool and similar brands, avoid Cotton socks!
• Avoid cotton clothing
• Cotton retains and absorbs water. NOT a good wicking fabric
• In order to stay warm in all kinds of weather, you need to stay    DRY
• Think like an onion: Wear THIN layers of clothing and be    prepared to peel off clothing after a few minutes
• Nylon outer layer necessary

Staying safe
• Avoid snowshoeing in the backcountry wilderness area alone or    unprepared
• Stay with experienced snowshoe groups that are familiar with    the terrain
• Learn about safe snowshoe trails online, from local outdoor    retail stores, guides, etc.

• Pay attention to weather and snow conditions and adjust your    plans accordingly
• Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return
• Learn about Avalanche Danger and how to stay safe, go to:

Favorite Snowshoe trails in the Wasatch Mountains
• Spruces – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County
• Jordan Pines – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County
• Guardsman Pass – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County
• Solitude Nordic Center, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake    County
• Millcreek Canyon – several trails to choose from, Salt Lake    County
• The Sinks – Cache County
• Big Springs Hollow, Alpine Loop Road – Utah County
• Mormon Pioneer Trail – East Canyon

• Mueller Park – Davis County
• Wheeler Creek Trail – Weber County
• White Pine Touring, Swaner Nature Preserve, Lost Prospector    Trail – Summit County
• Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course, Midway, Utah –    Wasatch County
• Soapstone Basin, Mirror Lake Highway – The Uintas

What to look for in a quality snowshoe
• Traction/Teeth
• Durability
• Binding
• Easy to get in and out of

Who can snowshoe
• Great exercise for ALL ages
• If you can walk, you can snowshoe

Sheryl often takes people out on excursions or just short trips. She has upcoming snowshoeing trips planned. If you would like to know more, visit or call (801)278-5313.

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