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Winter outfits, no jeans required! 5 formulas for polished, cold-weather looks

Winter outfits don’t always have to include jeans.

When cold weather hits, we usually default to our year-round go-to – jeans. Sweater + denim = classic combo, right?

Reachel Bagley shares a winter fashion refresh with five style formulas, sans a single pair of jeans. Yes, you heard right – no denim!

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5 Formulas for Put-Together Winter Outfits – No Jeans Required

Slip Skirt + Sweater + Heels or Sneakers

Reachel’s first formula for winter outfits is a slip skirt paired with a sweater and some stylish heels or sneakers. Versatility at its finest – dress it up or down! The slip skirt trend is in full swing, and it’s a game-changer.

Lounge Pants + Sweater + Jacket

Reachel’s next formula is lounge pants plus a sweater, topped with a jacket. Grab your joggers, throw on a coordinating top, and add a third piece – instant smart and comfy style. You can nail that polished appearance while staying cozy.

Corduroy Trousers + Slim Turtleneck + Lady Jacket

The third formula is corduroy trousers with a slim turtleneck and a fleece jacket. Corduroy is making a comeback, and it’s perfect for achieving that smart, collegiate look. Pair it with a timeless slim turtleneck – a wardrobe staple according to fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg – and don’t forget a lady jacket.

Faux Leather Leggings + Funnel Neck Sweater + Vest

Formula number four is faux leather leggings with a funnel neck sweater and a vest. Faux leather has come a long way, offering a sleek look without compromising comfort. Play with textures by pairing it with a relaxed, high-volume sweater, and top it off with a cozy vest for that après-ski chic, even if you’re just staying home.

Patterned Bliss: Faux Leather Leggings + Cozy Sweater + Stylish Vest

Reachel’s last formula is a combination of patterns and textures that scream sophistication. Pair faux leather leggings with a cozy sweater and a stylish vest to keep you warm.

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