Women and Nature: A Wellness Retreat

The Women in Nature Wellness and Fitness Retreat wants you to focus on creating a foundation of power and joy by addressing emotional wellness and creating a sense of self esteem to enable women to see their own stregnth, honor their uniqueness and live in joy. Peggy de Azevedo, clinical social worker, will do the training.

The retreat hopes to develop and strengthen three areas: your mind, by rejuvenating the way you think, your body, through exercise such as mountain biking, hiking with personal trainers, nutritionists, and massage and your spirit by working with relaxation techniques, such as yoga, meditation and connecting with nature.

Retreat founder Sonia Thomas gives these simple ways to reduce stress, which can be developed more fully at this retreat: get a balanced lifetyle, exercise, meditate, replace your bad habits, and love yourself.

No matter your age or fitness level, you’ll benefit from every aspect that this program covers. Sing up for the women in Nature Wellness and Fitness program which will be at Sundance in April. Just go to their website at www.womeninnature.com or call at (801) 904-3633

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